WAV – Daniel 21 Day Fast - June 3, 2019

I heard your cries says, the Lord, “Lord my daughter is sick and she’s running a fever and I‘m on my way to speak to your people and share your vision…”

“Lord, there is violence in my land, people are hungry, there is no food and the ruler of the land is starving the people, and they are sick and dying…”

“Lord, my husband is overcome with illness and is near comma and you have asked me to follow you to a meeting tonight…”

And last but not least, “Lord, I don’t understand, I am being slandered by my own brothers and sister and I’m being called names because I follow you…”

Your petitions are very real and personal to God!

Two thousand years ago, Jesus walked through Jerusalem and other cities. A young girl had a fever. Jesus was asked to come heal her but she died. Nevertheless, Jesus brought her back to life. Jesus lived in a time of violence in the land, human bodies were impaled on a pole and followers persecuted, thrown in jail and heads cut off. We know the Centurion’s servant was dying and died, when Jesus commanded from afar that the servant would live because of the Centurion’s faith. There was a mother whose only son was about to be buried when Jesus’ compassion compelled him to stop and give him back to his mother. Lastly, Jesus’, brothers and sisters as well as his own countryman rejected Him and the people yelled, “Crucify Him!”

You are not alone! Followers of The Way then and Believers, of Jesus Christ today, have never been alone!

One could think that there is a need for a “Battle Cry” but a much deeper thought is that before Paul penned, Ephesians 6:12, Jesus had already won your battle, when He took the keys of the Kingdom back from the depths of Hell from Satan’s possession.

No, go deeper! Reason now, if you have already used your weapons of warfare, yet, your victory has still not appeared, consider this; There is a territorial spirit named, “The Prince of Persia.” Daniel (Dan. 10) had been given a vision of Israel’s peril, a war and in his anguish to understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of what the vision meant, Daniel took to a 21 Days of Fasting whereby, his answer came by way of, “The Archangel Michael,” on the 21st day. (Dan. 10:13, 21)

Daniel’s 21 Day Fast, which WAV Intercessors will begin today, will not be a battle of our own, but 21 Days to experience Our Lord Jesus Christ’s closeness, His certainty, His Power and His Counsel in our inner selves. It is a time to realize our position and purpose that we are serving in going to Israel, along with the “Guardian Angel of Israel, The Archangel Michael,” with The High Calling of Fulfilling a part of a vision which Jenny Lopez Lowe has received.

If we can see every attack that we go through as, The Prince of Persia detaining our victory, the answer to our cry then we must also to recognize that there is angelic host led by the Archangel Michael, who is fighting your battle in dark and high places.

Our prayer is that as much as you go deeper through your fasting, pressing in, praying, praising and hearing God’s Word, that after 21 days you will hear the Lord say to you, “Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision concerns those days.” (Daniel 10:14)

“O man/ O woman, greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you, be strong, yes, be strong! (Daniel 10:19)

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