Tears were shed...

My girlfriend cried all the while she was showing me the pictures of her going to Israel and visiting The Holy Land. She apologized as she flipped through the pages she decorated as a travel record of every site she and her husband visited. At first, I thought, oh no, I hope I didn’t ask too much of her when I asked to meet with me so that I could learn about the Jewish culture, as I want to be as prepared as possible. Secondly, I just felt my heart leap with compassion for my friend as she excused her tears running down her face as an embarrassment! Thirdly, it reminded me of Jesus’ tears that were shed.

There were a lot of tears when Jesus came to earth. How foreign it must have been for Jesus when he first realized he could cry. Was it Joseph his earthly father who explained, it was ok to be a man and cry? Or did Mary his mother share her memory of her tears when she heard him cry at his Bris (circumcision) ceremony when he was eight days old. Or, did he understand, when he was twelve years old and teaching in the temple, The Book of Isaiah 53:3, when Isaiah said, He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with] grief?

We can consider our own experiences to come. How will we feel about setting foot on the ground where these things took place? Will our first reaction be the basic,

too unreal to feel anything except gratitude that you are on land after such a long trip? Or can you expect that tears of revelation by the Holy Spirit giving us a hope and a future to share with loved ones? Can we protect our emotions, so we won’t be able to be overcome with such joy?!

I hope not! Heaven forbid, we should be so prepared to be emotionally controlled, having the revelation that we are chosen! Chosen few, selected personally by God to have such tearful experiences! As our journey continues let us walk each day listening, reading, meditating and sharing with each other and say of ourselves and the memories we will hold in our hearts, upon arrival that…

Tears were shed…

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