Peace in the Midst of Conflict

By Cynthia Cuevas

Everywhere you turn you may be in the midst of conflict. In a restaurant you may hear someone expressing anger to the server and treating them without respect. Or perhaps while waiting in line you hear two women gossiping about a so called, "drama about his baby's momma!"

The television's blaring politics, religious violence and the novelas. All the while if you get caught up in any of the above scenarios you may be commenting to your partner, "oh how rude can they be it's not the server's fault it's the manager they should complain to." And you decide to butt in to the two ladies conversation because you have had the same experience and you think you can solve their baby momma's saga!

Here's how to identify if the conflict is yours or not and you don't need to be starting any conflict of your own, then others will see you as, "I AM PEACE." As Christians we are called to be Peacemakers.

1. When you see a conflict - Rule #1. Keep it to yourself. You don't need to share it with your company nor bring any attention to the conflict. There, you will keep your peace.

2. When you hear the conflict - Rule #2. Don't pay it forward. Cancel it with offering kind words to the server, write a note to her and be a big tipper. Show your appreciation for her service. There, you brought peace to the hurting.

3. When you are in the midst of people talking loudly, Rule #3. Resist the temptation to listen in. It is none of your business. Even if it's about family, stay away. There is nothing worse than a stranger who offering advice when you don't live in that house!

4. Rule #4. Remember when Julio stands up Julia at the altar, you are watching, daytime drama, One Life to Live! It's not reality! You will be making a fool of yourself if you start crying over some storyteller who was probably writing in the bathroom! Its only pretend! Don't let it steal your peace.

We are called to be peacemakers. True perfect peace can only be found in your heart and mind when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and listen when He says,

"My peace I leave you, my peace I give to you, not as the world but only as I can give you."

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