Two Israel Trips past, Jenny Lopez Lowe, founder of WAV, (Women Add Value) designed a t-shirt with the logo “I AM PEACE.” I was not thinking about wearing this t-shirt last night when my husband and I had a conflict. But in the morning the Holy Spirit quickened my heart to realize I was alive and breathing and so was my husband. At any moment during the night, the Lord could have called one of us home and one of us would’ve have been left behind regretting going to bed with a bad attitude and with the memory engraved in our hearts of the ridiculous conflict.

Consequently, I pictured myself wearing a t-shirt with the logo, “I AM CONFLICT.”

I thought it would be a good practice to exam ourselves by our characteristics in order to identify if we are wearing the t-shirt “I AM PEACE” or “I AM CONFLICT.”

If by some chance you find yourself wearing the same, “I AM CONFLICT” t-shirt the remedy is simple and profound. Just repent and ask God for forgiveness and from the one you offended and change your t-shirt to “I AM PEACE.”

Here are the Characteristics of “I AM PEACE.”


Amiable, Solidarity, Cooperation, Friendship, Conciliation, Harmony, Goodwill

Placation, Unity, Appeasement, Togetherness, Fellowship,

Understanding, Calm, Non-violence, Cease Fire

Here are the Characteristics of “I AM CONFLICT.”


War, Hostility, Disagreement, Opposition, Spite, Confrontation, Fighting, Rivalry,

Tension, Hatred, Malevolence, Grievance, Strife, Bloodshed

Here are the Consequences of CONFLICT


Insignificance, Puniness, Smallness, Ill repute, Littleness, Slightness, Triviality

Here are some scriptures of Truth to help you practice, “I AM PEACE.”

Scriptures for Peace:

Col 3:15, Gal 5:22, Heb. 12:14,1 Pet.3:11, 1 Pet. 5:11, James 3:18, Phil. 4:7, Prov. 16:7

Finally, I am sure that after studying these scriptures that you will be able to wear with pride, the t-shirt, “I AM PEACE.”

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